PION is open source software primarily for simulation of nebulae around stars, but also for other astrophysical applications. It has an open development model, where anyone can download and use the software, change it to suit their needs, and contribute changes back to the user community.

8.1. Information

8.2. Developers

The following people have contributed to the development of PION:

  • Harpreet Dhanoa

  • Margueritta Goulden

  • Samuel Green

  • Robert Kavanagh

  • Andrew Lim

  • Jonathan Mackey jmackey@cp.dias.ie

  • Maria Moutzouri

  • Davit Zargaryan

8.3. Licence

PION is distributed under a BSD3 License. Downloading, using, modifying and/or re-distributing the software implies acceptance of the License. See LICENSE.md.